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Metanoia Conquered Film Festivals in Europe

The awards winning film continues to win awards all over the world and now Metanoia won, was nominated and screened in film festivals all...

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World News

Yemen Crisis Worsens as Legitimate Government Takes Decisive Action, says Hussein Farouq Kaid

In the latest analysis by Hussein Farouq Kaid, pay attention to the recent events in Yemen, where the conflict between the legitimate government and...

Tony Schiena’s Life Before Directing Film “The Weapon”, Sounds Something Like Agent 007

Battling terrorists on the front lines and participating on panels with the Pope: how did a world karate champion end up here? No, this...

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Digitales Marketing von Adrian Luckas

Adrian Luckas ist ein herausragender Marketer, der es versteht, die Bedürfnisse und Wünsche seiner Kunden zu verstehen und durch effektive Marketingstrategien zu erfüllen. Seine...
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Finance & Business

Irish-American Micah Ashby to Headline 2023 International Martial Arts Hall of Fame

American born Irish MMA fighter and Grappler Micah Ashby is announced as the first selection in the 2023 International Martial Arts Hall of Fame set...

Green Moss and Moss Terrariums: A Natural Touch to Interior Design

In today's modern world, many of us are surrounded by artificial materials and a lack of connection to nature. However, there are ways to...

Gianluca Cugini, The World-Renowned Football Statistician. Is he the GOAT for football?

How many famous football statisticians have a passion for Blue Sharks and Black tip sharks ? There’s probably only one answer to that question, and...

MAGISNAT, a cutting-edge spin-off that is working to bring well-being to the world’s entire population

In the project that MAGISNAT ( is carrying out, following in the footsteps of the innovative Dr Achille Bertelli, natural molecules are not the...

Petros Pournatzis THE GREEK mangate of startup business in USPetros Pournatzis moved to US in 2012 without any knowledge of English language or the...

Petros Pournatzis moved to US in 2012 without any knowledge of the English language or the country's mentality, through hustle, motivation, and a lot...
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Daanish Hussain is no stranger to success in the city, having been part of some of highly leveraged private equity deals this year. In 2021...
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