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Metanoia Conquered Film Festivals in Europe

The awards winning film continues to win awards all over the world and now Metanoia won, was nominated and screened in film festivals all over Europe.The film produced by the awards winning International Film Producer and Screenwriter Ariel Lavi. The cast included the famous Mexican actress Jessica Decote, Laura Di Luca, Carlos Hendrick.Written by David Gigena Kazimierczak. Directed by Moran Avni .

The film won Honorable Mention LGBTQ in London Movie Awards and was screened at Whirled Cinema and Audience Award and qualified to the final and was nominated Best Short Film in Lift Off Filmmaker Film Festival of Pinewood Studios that produced James Bond Films.  The film participated in the Paris Film Awards. The film won Best LGBTQ, Best Actress for Jessica Decote , Best Supporting Actress for Laura Di Luca , and Best First Time Director for Moran Avni in Rome International Movie Awards. The film won Best LGBTQ in Florence Film Award and participated in Rome Prisma Film Awards. The film won Best LGBTQ in Art Blocks International Film Festival in Copenhagen. The film won Best Short Film in the 1st Monthly Film Festival in Belgrade. It qualified to the final and was nominated Best Short Film, Best LGBTQ in Sweden Film Awards, Boden International Film Festival.Afterwards, the film won Honorable Mention in Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival , Best LGBTQ in Croatia Creators and was screened at Goodes on Throne Hyjnesha Ne Fron in Pristina – one of the most famous film festivals in Kosovo .

This film won 32 awards all over the world.

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