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Ukrainian L&G team has finally reached the world TOP and is ready for new achievements in CS2,” says the founder of the team Alona Shevtsova

The L&G eSports team from Ukraine has almost reached the top 100 best teams in the world performing in the CS:GO. According to the latest international HLTV rating, the L&G team holds 106th place in the world. The founder of the L&G team, Alona Shevtsova, says that her team is determined to reach new heights after the release of CS2.

“Our team is very young, but we are truly inspired and motivated. While working together for two years, L&G has achieved incredible results, which was confirmed by the latest international HLTV rating. We all know that Counter-Strike 2 is about to be released, and we are ready to conquer new peaks,” says Alona Shevtsova, a representative of the Ukrainian L&G eSports team.

As of today, companies from all around the world are actively interested in eSports and attract influencers from the industry to their advertising campaigns. The success of L&G also caused the interest of many companies: from the beauty sector to financial institutions.

In 2023, a sniper from L&G Mikhail Malkiss Shulga became the ambassador of the Italian beauty brand Philip Martin’s in Poland. Interestingly enough, L&G has started to cooperate with the British Sends financial application. It is a British financial provider offering Internet acquiring services and multi-currency business accounts. Smartflow Payments Limited is registered in England and Wales, as well as works under the Sends brand. Smartflow Payments Limited develops and manages the Sies brand and website.

Photo: Alona Shevtsova
Photo: Alona Shevtsova

The L&G eSports team was founded in 2021. Initially, it was called Leogaming. The idea of the team belongs to the famous Alona Shevtsova from the fintech sector.

The team began to perform in top tournaments and almost immediately made its way to the Advanced division of the ESEA League Europe competitions. It is worth noting that the team also participated and won prizes in such European tournaments as SCL League, WhiteBit Crypto Open, Phoenix League, and various competitions.

From the first day of a full-scale war, L&G clearly stated its patriotic position and refused to cooperate with Russian players. In addition, the team is actively participating in various charitable activities. In April 2022, the CS:GO L&G team held a friendly match in support of the Army of Ukraine while playing the Nexus team from Romania. During the broadcast, more than 16,000 hryvnias were collected for Ukrainian defenders countering terrorist threats. The event was organized by the ENTER ESPORT advertising agency together with L&G.

In the summer of 2022, LeoGaming took part in two charity matches to support the Army of Ukraine. The Leogaming CS:GO team has also won a charity tournament for Ukrainian defenders held by Gamers Union. Also, the LeoGaming esports organization took part and won a charity tournament from the Ukrainian Esports Federation (UESF) in support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They were able to get the Independence Cup. LeoGaming has sent two teams to Dota 2 competitions: LeoGaming (the main team) and Leo Academy (our academy). As a result, both teams beat all rivals and met in the final of the Dota 2 Independence Cup. The main team of LeoGaming won the tournament.

At the end of 2022, L&G, together with the Leo Foundation and the PRIDE Esports club, organized another charity show in support of Ukrainian defenders and raised funds to buy a drone. Interestingly, not only players from Leogaming came to play CS:GO. The following players came to watch the match and help our defenders: Sergey Mur Gres, Andrey Sleiden Kopanitsa, Mikhail Malkiss Shulga, and Bogdan kr1vda Krivda. They were joined by streamers, commentators, and cyber community influencers, in particular, Fedor KvaN Zakharov, Alexander Shoker Osheka, Dan Loran Jurid, Ksyusha Alpaca Kolodiy, Roman WOLF Mikhailenko, Alexey Topa Topchienko and other famous people from the world of esports.

In March 2023, the Leogaming cyber team was rebranded to L&G. At the same time, the team went to a whole new level by inviting David Merl Davidyan and Vladislav Leen Stepanov. L&G signed an agreement with a new coach, Dmitry rjy Chumak, who became the mentor of the team.

This year, L&G made it to the playoff of the 45th season of the ESEA League Advanced tournament of the European division and won three matches. For L&G, this is the second playoff in the ESEA League Advanced. Previously, our team made it to the play-off stage in the 43rd season of the ESEA League Advanced tournament. At that time, the team defeated 9 opponents in the main draw.

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