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Canadian Journalist and Business Magnate, Righ Knight, Partners with Private Company to Combat Parental Alienation and Social Inequality in the Justice System

According to multiple sources familiar with the matter, Righ Knight, a Canadian Journalist/Business Magnate, has inked a six-figure contract with a private company in a partnership to advocate for and provide resources to Fathers experiencing Parental Alienation / Social inequality due to bias in policing/courts.

He (Righ Knight) runs a group called ‘Fathers Rights Movement’ on Facebook that is steadily approaching 70,000 members. They provide support and resources as well as logistical assistance to Families and Advocates. It’s rare for a social justice movement to not be mired in stigma but Righ uses his contacts and connections to erase barriers and change the social narrative.

The new project titled; FRWarRoom.com/FRM is a way for users and advocates to pool resources and fight against corruption and discrimination in the justice system. Though according to our reporters, this is not the first social movement that he has formed, nor is it even his most visible efforts.

Back in 2015, Righ founded The People’s Party of Canada with his brother, though he never registered it as a political party. The movement quickly garnered attention from media and even local politicians heralded as a break from the fractured political system. He group amassed 20,000 members in just a few weeks before he wrung his hands and walked away from the movement all together. Today the PPC is a formidable political party with nearly 1,000,000 active voters.

Back from 2008-2016, Righ posted on forums like 4chan, Warlight and Reddit videos of Frogs screaming ‘Reeee’ (stylized with 3-7 “e’s”) He paid people to scream ‘Reee!’ At ‘Normies’ (those unaware of internet culture) from moving cars, in schools and universities as well as sporting events. He cultivated a culture and social movement so strong it inadvertently lead to the election of US president Donald Trump through what those in ‘Kekistan’ referred to as ‘meme magic’. Kekistan is a ‘state of mind’ where to be a citizen you need only adopt a certain mentality. These stateless meme farmers were eventually outlawed by multiple government/social organizations, their members censored and deplatformed. The Anti-Defamation League labeled the word ‘Reee’ as hate-speech as it had become a call-sign in the right-wing Kekistan movement.

Though his social movements had turned right-leaning, Righ described himself as a centrist or moreover a ‘classical liberal’. In a request for comment, his media representative said, “Righ has been very political from an early age, he maintains that once an idea is brought into the public sphere, it no longer entirely belongs to its Author. That’s the crux of public debate and discourse.”

FRWarroom.com seeks to bridge the gap where traditional fundraising fails, as most members tend to fundraise on their own to specific causes, instead they are raising a ‘pool’ or as their political opponents would decry a ‘war chest’. Though it has been made explicitly clear that this is a partnership and not directly funding FRM or any of his personal social causes. “It’s for the benefit of members,” he posted to his Facebook page shortly after the contract was signed.

In a statement posted to Mr. Knight’s Twitter, he explained the partnership like this: “We’ve been made the largest Fathers Rights group, because we run our group like an institution. We provide resources, advocacy, and support the same way a government-funded institution would. Except we charge NOTHING and make ZERO dollars in exchange, we have no government funding and not one cent of private equity. We are run 100% by volunteers.”

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