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New Age Marketing: Sean Mourey

Sean Mourey is an exceptional entrepreneur who has achieved remarkable success at a young age. As the CEO and founder of SM MEDIA, a social media and cryptocurrency marketing agency, he has helped numerous brands, individuals, and projects reach new heights of success through his innovative and relentless approach to business. He is renowned as a social media and tech guru, persistent deal-maker, and professional networker.

Mourey’s entrepreneurial journey began when he was just 11 years old, selling sneakers and Supreme drops. He later transitioned to e-commerce, where he experienced his first taste of success creating online stores and learning marketing. His social connection platform helped people connect with their favorite celebrities on a personal level, and Boathouse taught him how to run a business and the ethics behind making money. Despite facing challenges such as venturing off on his own after always having partners, Mourey persevered and established SM MEDIA. His hard work and ability to get any job done, no matter what it takes, set him apart from others in his field. SM MEDIA has now expanded to foreign countries, dealt with marketing in the Middle East, and employs over 50 people.

Mourey has achieved notable career highlights such as running Boathouse with his two partners, Alpha Omar James Dickson, and closing a multiple six-figure deal in his 6th-period class in high school. He has also achieved multi-seven figures in sales, built a massive e-commerce clientele through social media and networking, and built international relationships with business owners.

Mourey has a wealth of wisdom to share with others, including the importance of never giving up, taking each day as it comes, and being appreciative of life and the opportunity of 24 hours to get things done. He advises taking risks, trusting the right people, assembling a team, hedging against risk, and understanding finance and the world of investing at a young age. He stresses the importance of being truthful and transparent, thinking forward, and focusing on the future, and never doubting oneself. He encourages people to plan strategically, love business and what they do, and not to care about money for money, but to care about money for score.

In the next few years, Mourey plans to expand SM MEDIA to a much larger scale, becoming a true mogul in the marketing game. He intends to expand into real estate ventures and possibly even buy a few hotels. His brand, “SM,” is set to become a household name, ranging from media marketing to real estate holdings and even law firms. His dreams and aspirations include giving back to the community by opening several homeless shelters and helping the less fortunate with knowledge and monetary value. He also wants to start a car dealership, as cars are his main hobby and interest.

In conclusion, Sean Mourey is a young mogul taking the marketing world by storm. His passion for business, hard work, and innovation sets him apart from others. Through SM MEDIA, he has helped numerous brands, individuals, and projects reach new heights of success through social media and cryptocurrency marketing. His wisdom and advice to others include taking risks, assembling a team, and not giving up. With his ambitious plans for the future, Mourey is a force to be reckoned with in the business world.

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