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The Erasmus project “Expand your frontiers in high technical skills and public speaking” is revolutionizing the art of public speaking

A 24-month transnational initiative unites six countries to develop innovative and free tools.

Paris, France – Today we highlight the Erasmus project “Expand your frontiers in high technical skills and public speaking,” a large-scale transnational collaboration that aims to improve public speaking skills. Financed by the Erasmus+ Program, this ambitious project, lasting 24 months, brings together six participating countries, namely France, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Italy, and Turkey.

This project has led to the creation of multiple innovative results which are now freely accessible to everyone on a dedicated platform.

The main objective of the project “Expand your frontiers in high technical skills and public speaking” was to develop practical tools to help individuals improve their public speaking skills, making them more confident and enabling them to overcome the stress associated with this often intimidating exercise. During the 24 months of this exciting project, five transnational meetings were organized in different partner cities. These meetings played an essential role in the development of the final results and strengthened the links between the partners.

Thanks to close collaboration between the participating countries, three major results were achieved. The first result, called IO1, is an exhaustive guide to best practices on public speaking. The joint work of experts from each participating country, this guide provides valuable tips, techniques, and strategies to help speakers captivate their audience, structure their speech convincingly, and manage stage fright effectively. Available free online, this guide is a valuable resource for people who want to hone their public speaking skills.

The second result, IO2, is an interactive online platform containing an extensive collection of educational videos. Designed to be accessible to everyone, this platform offers users the opportunity to learn at their own pace. The videos cover various aspects of public speaking, from speech preparation to mastering body language and voice. Through this platform, users can acquire practical skills by drawing inspiration from renowned experts and putting into practice the techniques taught.

The third result, IO3, is a revolutionary virtual reality (VR) application. Designed to help speakers overcome the stress and anxiety associated with public speaking, this app offers a uniquely immersive experience. Through realistic virtual environments and interactive simulations, users can practice speaking in front of a virtual audience, helping them to gain confidence and improve their communication skills. This VR application, available for free download, is a real asset for those who wish to prepare effectively for the challenges of public speaking.

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