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Shadi Ashi wins the Best Actor Award for the series “The Family”

Palestinian actor Shadi Ashi won the Best Comedian Award in Ramadan for his series “The Family”, which garnered the highest viewership during its show during the holy month of Ramadan.

Diwan Network conducted a poll during the holy month of Ramadan, through its social media platforms, about the best comedies in Palestine and Jordan.

The artist, director Shadi Ashi, was honored after hosting the first days of Eid Al-Fitr at the company’s headquarters in Istanbul, where he was honored by Mr. Baybars Al-Mansi, General Manager of Diwan Media Group, and in the presence of Mr. Amin Al-Khalidi, General Manager of the network.

On this occasion, Mr. Baybars Al-Mansi said that the actor Shadi Ashi deserves to be the best actor and author in the month of Ramadan, due to the interaction and interest witnessed by the series “The Family” in the Arab street in general.

In the same context, Mr. Amin Al-Khalidi, Director of Diwan Network, stated that Diwan Network had conducted a referendum for viewers through the social media of its networks, which enjoy the attention of millions of followers around the world, about the best productions in the month of Ramadan.

Where the series “The Family” in its first and second parts received the highest percentage of votes for comedy series, and the series “Watan Ala Watar” won as the best Palestinian series, and “Al-Nubani Show” won as the best Jordanian series, and for drama series, the series “Jaafar Al-Omda” won the highest percentage of votes.

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