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Phavandeep Singh Bhogal: A Rising MMA Fighter and Personal Trainer

London, United Kingdom – Phavandeep Singh Bhogal is a rising star in the world of combat sports. He has made a name for himself as an exclusive mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and personal trainer. Based in London, United Kingdom, Bhogal has gained a reputation for his impressive skills and dedication to his training.

Bhogal gained widespread recognition after he knocked out his opponent in just 13 seconds, setting a new record for the fastest knockout in any competition. His power and determination have made him a formidable force in the ring. Bhogal has been training in Muay Thai for several years and decided to take his skills to the next level by training in Thailand, the homeland of Muay Thai. He spent three months at the Sumalee Boxing Gym, followed by two months at AKA Thailand to further enhance his training.

Bhogal followed a rigorous training routine during his time in Thailand. The training program for Muay Thai in Thailand is a structured routine that includes various aspects of the sport, such as group runs, skipping rope, shadowboxing, pad work or sparring, heavy bag training, clinch work, and stretching and meditation. The routine can take up to two hours, and the number of rounds for each exercise can range from 2-5 minutes, depending on the individual’s training goals.

Bhogal’s dedication to his training has paid off, as he has achieved impressive results in both MMA and Muay Thai fights. He has also qualified as a personal trainer in Level 3 & 4 strength & conditioning and has set up his own private studio for clients. In addition, Bhogal is an ambassador for YOKKAO, where he offers his clients and audience substantial discounts on all their products online using his discount code: Spartan1313.

Bhogal has had the opportunity to travel and train his clients with tailored programs at 5-star hotel resorts in the UK, Europe, and internationally. He has even trained the staff working at Hotel Roy on the beach. Bhogal is determined to continue his journey as an MMA fighter and inspire others to achieve their fitness goals. For more information on Phavandeep and his training programs, please visit his Instagram page @reelnmotion.

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WhatsApp: +4478 69 69 69 69

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Phavandeep Singh Bhogal

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Call: +447915 15 15 15

WhatsApp: +4478 69 69 69 69

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