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Olmo Cuarón is non-stop creating great animations

Olmo Teodoro Cuarón is overflowing with artistic skills and incredible talent. Since he was very young, he has enjoyed creating animations and is extremely passionate about this activity.

The animations and stop-motion videos he has shared so far are truly unique. 

When he is immersed in this creative process, he feels free, at peace and in a state of wellbeing, and he strongly treasures these feelings. 

However, Olmo Teodoro Cuarón hasn’t received any type of professional formation in this discipline. He’s just naturally talented. 

In other words, he has innate skills to easily create stop-motion animations and videos. 

What is Olmo Teodoro Cuarón like?

Olmo Teodoro Cuarón is a simple and family-oriented young man. He enjoys being in solitude, but is also excited to be with his friends, siblings and his father. 

The latter is a Hollywood star. We’re talking about Alfonso Cuarón, the filmmaker who masterfully directed “Gravity” and “Roma”. 

Alfonso Cuarón was the recipient of two Oscars as “Best Director” for both movies and set incredible milestones for the Mexican film history. 

Alfonso Cuarón has forged a brilliant career in Hollywood and has been nominated 10 times by the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences. 

His Artistic Vein

Alfonso Cuarón’s artistic vein is prolific and this is something that one of his children may have inherited:  Olmo Teodoro Cuarón.

He shares an important creative link with his father, but logically each one has their own essence.

However, Olmo Teodoro Cuarón is not sure yet if he will be engaged in creating animations professionally in the near future. 

The good news is that he still has all the time in the world to figure out his future, personally and professionally. 

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