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ZEV Wealth Returns to the Mainstream

It has been nearly two years since the ZEV Digital-backed online private network, ZEV Wealth, went on hiatus for revision. Earlier this month, ZEV Wealth went live, and we got a first impressions preview.

For returning members, your membership (if you still have your original account details), is honoured and you immediately gain access. For new members, the price remains as it was prior to the hiatus – a low $49 per month – for full community and platform access.

The community itself is of course new, from the ground up, so if you are joining right now, expect growing pains. But what of the materials?

Safe to say, they are here in full force and sound; what made ZEV Wealth as a learning and mentorship platform original is still here. Namely, strong course materials which are constantly updated, refined, and added to, a strong mentorship program, delivered by proven industry veterans and business owners, and – new to the platform – a Mindset community, designed to help you achieve elsewhere in life (outside of direct income generation).

Changes to the private community layout are here, with a modern slick touch across the board. The mentors within the platform are bolstered, too, with around 40 of them.

ZEV Wealth was always a secure, solid, and beneficial educational platform which teaches wealth generation and income producing methods to both new and experienced members, from any walks of life. However, in this new iteration, the relaunch has successfully refined the original offerings unanimously.

Everything is tighter, more focused, and more appealing. The price has remained (thankfully) the same as it was previously, and the quality has increased for the most part. The stocks and cryptocurrency education provided are dramatically more detailed, but the standout is the property investment guidance. It covers everything from buying your first property to scaling that up, and giving you the know-how on how to build a property empire – taught by legitimate property tycoons, who are partnered with the program.

The materials for property and property investment are the most comprehensive ever seen by any course, digital or otherwise. This is without a doubt the strongest component of ZEV Wealth.

The newly introduced Mindset learnings and community are similarly supported, compared to the other offerings within ZEV Wealth, but certainly the most unique. This is not for everyone, there is a clear ‘no-mercy’ approach within this particular community. The mentors here are strong-headed, focused, and all about drive and discipline. That is a good thing, if you can hack it. Think of it like serious bootcamp for your mind and daily life. This is turned up to 11. The goal here? Get your life right.

ZEV Wealth has always been a platform and private network of unorthodox approaches to generating multiple sources of income, or building new or existing businesses, and this is certainly retained in the newly skinned platform. In fact, it would not be hard to argue that this fresh relaunch of ZEV Wealth is perhaps one of the most unorthodox professional wealth generation platforms out there – if not the most. It is unashamedly unorthodox from the guidance it provides for a new business (how to start), to existing businesses or investors (how to scale up further), to Mindset (daily life advice and support). It wears its unorthodox approach on its sleeve, too. Gone are the ol-factory approaches from traditional learning platforms, and in with clear-cut, pedal to the metal, in your face direction.

Being backed by ZEV Digital – and having ZEV Digital’s experts in marketing and business as part of the mentorship roster in ZEV Wealth – is a boon. ZEV Digital is a leading marketing agency and key player in the digital marketing space and has been since 2014. Accessing its resources within this platform is a critical point of difference that needs to be celebrated – a win for members.

Where ZEV Wealth can grow – and where we would love to see future growth – is in the traditional stocks community, within the platform itself. Whilst the guidance and supporting learning materials are sound within this aspect of the platform, they are less detailed than those of traditional business learnings, eCommerce learnings, marketing, cryptocurrency and asset materials, and property investment. This was also the case prior to the relaunch, back in 2017, when ZEV Wealth originally launched.

Overall, ZEV Wealth relaunches successfully, albeit there will be some divisive opinions on the new form of the established platform. Many will appreciate the new focus, the new energy within the community and stronger mentor roster, however some may find it too unorthodox and too diverging. If you want a fresh start, or feel like jumping into the deep end, this is for you. If you prefer a slower approach to wealth generation, learning, and mentorship, look elsewhere.


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