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Electric cars are the future, but EU companies should invest more in them

Adin is a young consultant and entrepreneur who has been involved in investments and the stock market for several years. He is also the founder of the marketing agency “RemixMedia” and is one of the most recognizable philanthropists in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Adin has been the Chief Executive Officer for Remix Conglomerate since 2018, a company that is involved with import-export, car-industry consulting, sales and marketing consulting and financial services.

– Why do you think that electric cars are a thing of the future?

“I think it is quite obvious that the electrification of the transport sector can bring benefits in terms of increased energy efficiency and reduced local pollution, this is both beneficial for the people and the planet.”

He states that certain governments in Europe should offer tax incentives to both companies and consumers in order to boost the demand of EVs.

“You have companies like Rolls Royce, who just started to invest in EV sector, their cars have been amazing throughout history and surely their first fully electric model will meet the standards which they have set, standards that people all around the globe recognize.”

He states that not many people know this, but one of the founders of Rolls Royce, Charles Rolls had driven an electric car almost 122 years ago, this step which Rolls Royce is taking now will fulfill his dream and I think they are going in a right direction. Other EU car manufactoring firms should do the same, they should invest in EV sector and make their cars and designs unique, so in that way, they will increase the demand for their vehicles.

Adin invites all European companies to invest in the EV sector and to expand in that particular area.

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