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Dr. Moeen Shahabarat: “Current conditions in the world require international solidarity.”

Dr. Moeen Shahabarat is one of the most supportive figures for peace.
He is a major contributor to philanthropic projects and supporters of change and the reform of the new generation. He believes that tomorrow must carry with it what is best for his country and the whole world.

Dr. Moeen Shahabarat says: Many people today have only one dream, which is to live in a world full of peace.
He always wondered what the world would look like if the terms “bombing, destruction, and terrorism” were removed from our dictionaries?

Dr. Moeen also says that the current conditions in the world require international solidarity and our efforts to mitigate its negative effects on the war victims both in the near and long term.
We hope that the coming years will bring safer and more reassuring days and that we will live in a world free from destruction. But, are such demands impossible, or can they be achieved by combining our efforts?

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