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Festival reenacts everyday lives of the Vikings

Viking warriors completely fight outfit fee right into fight.

These reenactors are placing on an efficiency of the fight of the Holme from 902 ADVERTISEMENT when Anglo-Saxons battled versus the Vikings of Danelaw.

The stars surrender, yet there are no casualties at this Viking Intrusion occasion at Flag Fen, among the UK’s essential bronze age websites.

The swords, axes and also spears are actual steel tools yet their blades are blunted to make demos such as this much safer.

The Vikings definitely do not constantly obtain the most effective Public Relations and also their organization with murder and also pillage is deeply embedded in the general public creative imagination.

However there’s far more to this seafaring race of investors than fights.

Viking encampments are spread throughout Flag Fen with different demos of Viking art and also craft.

John Davidson is showing his ability with warmth and also hammer.

His mobile create can home heating steel to over 2,000 levels.

Chefs are active planning for the evening’s banquet with meat roasting over an open fire and also veggies being sliced for a stew.

Every one of the food preparation tools are authentically Viking, and also although there are no well-known enduring dishes, the type of food the Vikings consumed has actually been thought via historical exam.

There were artists throughout the camps playing genuine lyres– historical proof of Anglo Saxon lyres were discovered at various burial ground throughout England.

Gemma Parker markets white wine every day, yet ends up being Aelfgifu at the weekend break, a lyre-playing Anglo-Saxon house cleaning.

She is executing her variation of the people tune “Ramund the Youthful” in a Faroese language of Danish.

Reenactor Kirsten Christensen is initially from Denmark.

She states she delights in informing site visitors regarding the opposite of Viking society – most especially the trading.

Flag Fen in the eastern of England, near Peterborough is among the UK’s essential bronze age historical sites, going back 3,500 years.

Right Here, at a repair of a bronze age roundhouse, is Sarah Wilson, heritage supervisor of Flag Fen Archaeology Park.

Since this component of England was overload land abundant in peat, the artefacts uncovered were effectively protected.

Spears, swords, jewelry, watercrafts and also also the earliest wheel ever before discovered in England have actually all been uncovered in the location.

It is thought by some excavators to have actually been an essential spiritual website and also the riches of useful items were tossed right into the waters as offerings to a divine being.

The Viking Intrusion occasion ranged from 4-5 September 2021.

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