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Lika O Dazzles The Grammys with Eco-Friendly Dress from Frida EM

The Grammys was a night of wonder. Between Kendrick Lamar’s Heart 5 knabbing 3 Grammy Awards, Beyoncé thanking the queer community after breaking records, and Kim Patras being the first trans woman to win an award, there were many notable occurrences throughout the star-studded night.

That wasn’t all that happened though, Popstar, Lika O shocked the red carpet with her dress of recycled tires. The dress was a Frida EM piece, shipped from Copenhagen. An entirely eco-friendly outfit. Stars from all over were taking pictures with her on the red carpet as she dazzled photographers with her exotic outfit.

Lika Osipova is a pop star, tv personality, and actress based in Los Angeles, California. She began her singing career with her debut song Light’s, for which she won the Special Jury Award at the Los Angeles Film Award in 2021. Born and raised in a small city in Russia, she moved to the States in 2006 to pursue her career in the entertainment industry. She quickly rose to the ranks in America, landing roles as an actress, while producing and organizing various other projects in Hollywood such as founding Miss Russian LA. She would continue her success by being nominated for the NY film awards as a lead actress and at Paris Film Awards.

Being invited to the Grammys is nothing short of telling about the rising fame of popstar, Lika O. Since Covid her music has reached countless listeners and she’s been continually climbing her way to becoming a top artist.

The Grammy runway is just one stop on her way to shocking crowds. Her beautiful Frida Em dress is just one way she will be dropping jaws and we have much to look forward to from the young creative.

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