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ESGRI Unveils Groundbreaking Platform to Support SMEs in ESG Strategy, Reporting, and Supply Chain Management

ESG Impact (“ESGI”), a specialist ESG consulting firm, has introduced a groundbreaking technology to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”) globally in initiating their ESG strategy journey – ESG Reporting Intelligence (“ESGRI”). ESGRI’s extensive, hands-on consulting experience across various industries and regions has informed the development of this state-of-the-art strategy, reporting, and risk management solution.

James Cronan, ESGRI’s Managing Director, said, “Since the pandemic, we’ve witnessed a sharp increase in ESG strategy and reporting activity, which has become a focal point of the ‘build-back-better’ approach for corporates and governments. Our goal is to provide businesses of all sizes, budgets, and expertise levels with access to exclusive training and education. Our technology is available to any business globally at a starting monthly cost of $999 USD, which includes an Academy, coaching support, and a vast library of valuable ESG consulting workshops and educational seminars worth over $100,000+ USD. 

Since our launch in April we have already onboarded a number of clients including listed and private businesses. It’s been exciting to hear from our clients how impressed they are with the range of ESG reporting and education problems we’re solving for them.”

The ESG technology sector is emerging, with most providers being large consulting firms or niche tech companies that often do not offer a complete ESG perspective. ESGRI tackles this challenge by developing an efficient, cost-effective solution that simplifies a complex issue.

The company plans to assess growth and expansion capital options in Q4 2023, focusing on markets in the US, Europe, and Asia. Capital will be allocated to “Horizon Two” initiatives, which involve three new ‘deep data’ modules supported by specialist consultants and advanced AI, Blockchain, and data management technologies.

About ESG Reporting Intelligence

ESGRI is a specialist ESG consulting firm with clients across Africa, Asia, Australia, and the US, and a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, professional services, asset management, investment management, banking, manufacturing, energy, technology, and mining. Their newly launched technology offers modules that assist clients in building strong ESG foundations and adopting industry best practices, utilizing 77 unique risk frameworks for each sector.

The technology features modules for carbon footprint, Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), ESG risk management, governance (policies & procedures), ESG supply chain risk management, supplier ESG assessments, and board & management profiles. ESGRI is already working on “Horizon Two,” which will introduce three new ‘deep data’ modules supported by specialist consultants and powered by cutting-edge AI, Blockchain, and data management technologies.

Upcoming ESG-focused modules include Carbon Footprint Calculations, Scope 3 Carbon Footprint Analysis, Know Your Supplier (“KYS”), and Governance/Policy Management. These modules aim to enhance the visibility of ESG risks and performance for businesses and investors, employing artificial intelligence and distributed ledger technology for data monitoring and validation.


Email: james.c@esgri.com

Phone: +61 407 667 658

With its innovative approach to ESG strategy, reporting, and supply chain management for SMEs, ESGRI is simplifying a complex issue and making it more accessible and manageable for businesses of all sizes. As global priorities continue to emphasize ESG factors, ESGRI’s technology and expertise will become increasingly crucial for companies seeking to remain competitive and resilient in a rapidly evolving market.

Email: james.c@esgri.com
Phone: +61 407 667 658
Countries: Australia & India
Contact Name: James Cronan
ESG Reporting Intelligence: www.esgri.com
ESG Impact: www.esgimpact.com.au

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