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Toto Steubesand: A Veteran’s Transition to Entrepreneurship

Toto Steubesand is a shining example of how perseverance, dedication, and hard work can transform a person’s life. Born and raised in Kiel, Germany, Toto started his career working in the family laundry business with his father. However, he soon realized that he wanted to do something more challenging with his life.

In 1995, Toto made the decision to join the German navy and spent well over a decade serving his country. During his time in the armed forces, he learned the value of self-control, discipline, and the importance of giving his all in life. Toto was stationed in different parts of the world, where he gained extensive knowledge of warfare, conflict resolution, and safety procedures.

After his service in the navy, Toto decided to pursue a career in the security industry. He joined ZST Security in 2013 as their CEO and quickly rose up the ranks to become an executive partner. Toto’s experience in the military was invaluable in his role as CEO, as it gave him a thorough understanding of the importance of safety and security in all aspects of life.

In addition to his work in the security industry, Toto Steubesand also became the CEO of AbwehrKraft, a well-known martial arts school. The school was founded in 2016 with the mission of enhancing people’s confidence and safety in vulnerable situations. Toto’s experience in the military and security industry was instrumental in his decision to start the martial arts school, as he recognized the need for individuals from all walks of life to benefit from training courses that prepare them for close-quarters combat, weapon use, and other forms of self-defense.

Toto’s success in the security industry and as AbwehrKraft CEO has not gone unnoticed. His prominence in his community earned him a spot on Celebrity Hunted: Germany, an Amazon Prime show about ten celebrities living off the grid while experts attempt to locate them. Toto’s appearance on the show further cemented his reputation as a successful businessman and entrepreneur.

Today, Toto’s martial arts school, AbwehrKraft, is thriving. Several businesses, including hospitals and emergency response centers, have booked Toto to teach their employees self-defense. Even establishments as diverse as hotels, bars, and banks are signing up for his self-defense courses. Toto Steubesand is still thriving and consistently becoming a better businessman.

Toto’s story is an inspiration because it shows how hard work and determination can lead to success in the business world. He has taken the training and experience he gained in the military and the security industry and successfully applied it to his civilian career. Toto’s work at AbwehrKraft to improve people’s sense of security in dangerous situations is an expression of his motivation to make a difference. Toto’s life is a model for anyone who wants to achieve success, and his achievements demonstrate that anything is possible with enough effort and perseverance.


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