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How to create a Natal Chart? Moonly app explains

To create a birth chart, you need to know the date, time and place of your birth. We know that, right? But what comes next? Our favorite Astro-app Moonly answers.

Experienced astrologers specify the time with the help of important dates of life, which are always reflected in the chart: marriage, divorce, birth of children, moving, getting a job, illnesses, accidents. If one knows only the approximate time, like a 4-5-hour interval, it’s possible to restore the time of birth with the help of rectification.

Olga Ramora, Moonly app founder:

You can soften your negative karma with the help of upayas which are ways to harmonize karma. These are different types of austerities: fasting on a certain day of the week, reading mantras, being involved with charity, stone and color therapy. Upayas cleanse the mind of karmic mental programs so that we can resist destructive impulses and act consciously. It is favorable to make upayas for the planet, the period of which is current according to your chart, in order to resonate with its energy and improve its sphere of influence. Also, with the help of upayas one can keep in contact with the ruling planet of the horoscope, especially if its position is weak

In addition to the main natal chart, Rashi, there are divisional charts that cover certain areas of life in detail: profession, place of residence, marriage, children, travel, brothers and sisters and so on. The main divisional chart is called Navamsa. It describes the sphere of marriage but also helps to analyze the natal chart more deeply, showing its potential.

The natal chart is the key to understanding yourself. It helps us build our lives according to who we are, be attentive to our needs, use our strengths and not strive to do something that is not for us. In the chart, you can find answers to concerning questions and understand why certain events occur and how to successfully go through all the lessons so that they do not repeat themselves. It also helps to predict events, trends and give clues to different periods of life. With this tool, we are aware of the consequences of our past actions and can take responsibility for our present and future. We stop being victims of illusions, mind traps, automatic reactions and start building our lives consciously.

The natal chart is one of the tools of self-development. This is a starting point, not a written script. Today we have many opportunities for understanding, transforming and changing our fate for the better. Take into your life only what resonates with you and can be trusted. A professional astrologer can help with the analysis of your birth chart.

About Moonly

With Moonly, healing is a daily practice that ebbs and flows alongside the lunar calendar. The app helps you cultivate rituals with a robust guide of the changing moon phases, affirmations, daily tarot, etc.

Official web: moonly.app

To download Moonly app: apps.apple.com/app/id1489889871

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