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Irish-American Micah Ashby to Headline 2023 International Martial Arts Hall of Fame

American born Irish MMA fighter and Grappler Micah Ashby is announced as the first selection

in the 2023 International Martial Arts Hall of Fame set to take place the 20th of August in India.

Starting his career out as a professional wrestler, Ashby would rise to fame as a Mixed Martial

Artist in the early 2010’s. He would go on to win several championships and showcase several

events in the American state of Texas. In 2022, he was inducted as the sole MMA fighter in the

US Martial Arts Hall of Fame. With Ashby’s 2023 induction, he will be on of a handful of people

to be included in both hall of fames, as well as the first to achieve inductions back-to-back.

Many would call his highlight fight his match against undefeated fighter ‘Super’ Santiago in 2015

to a crowd of 1200+ people in Laredo, USA. He became a grappling world champion in 2013

after winning the North American Tournament.

Micah Ashby has been retired since 2019 after winning the silver medal in the Houston

Grappling Championship and the world tag team championship at an event in Austin.

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