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This story started in Turkey but continues around the world.

Their goal is to be one of the preferred institutions not only in Turkey but also globally.

Here is the story of Dr. Gokce Cocel Consultancy Services:

How did we start?

“When I was studying in England, I got involved in various education services. Within that period, I saw that there were some problems in terms of personal tutoring, so I developed this project. As a result, I had the opportunity to conduct this project in 2021.

We started opening an office in one city in 2021, but we have reached over 20 cities in one year with our online system. The number of countries has also increased in one year; for example, we now provide services in England, Germany, and France. This number is growing because people get very high-quality education services at an affordable price.”

Why are we preferred?

“While we were developing our model, we benefited from our own experiences. We started with questions such as what kind of problems we had during our own language education and what the reasons for them were. While we were looking for answers to this, we also asked many people. What we saw was that unsuccessful methods continue to be applied; courses, especially about speaking, vocabulary, and everyday life, are not renewing themselves because renewal wants courage and brings risks. But courses continue on their way with the same methods. However, people or students are now avoiding such courses.

Existing methods increase students’ performance anxiety. Consider a student who has spent years studying a language but still does not understand it and cannot communicate in it. The main reason for this is people’s view of foreign languages. Language is nothing more than a means of communication. This is how you should start.

We are currently in the process of implementing new education models, and we think we will be successful in these as well.

Keep watching and reading us.”

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