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The Power of Image-Films

Image films are short, crisp, and emotional. They portray your company and projector brand in beautiful images, accompanied by music. Pointed original sounds can add depth to the message. For images or short corporate films, the Main picture takes care to address your target group in a catchy way, to bring the positive image credibly and authentically to the point.
So, what is a good first step to get exciting videos for your company?

What exactly is an image film?

An image file, also known as a corporate movie or corporate video, serves to highlight the image of a company. Anyone who produces or commissions an image film wants to create a positive image using audio-visual means.

An image film is usually a short, concise film portrait of a company, a brand a product. Its purpose is to promote the client or its brand. Ultimately, it is intended to contribute to branding and brand loyalty.

A well-conceived and produced image film directly targets the viewers’ emotions. The viewer sees, hears, and feels what he sees in the video. No print ad, blog article, or radio spot can achieve this intensity. In addition to creating a positive image, an image film is also about transporting the information.

Compared to a TV commercial or advertising film, the image film does not pursue the idea of a direct sale. Rather, it should contribute to positive perception and image improvement of the company. In this way, it should also bring economic success in the medium to long term. But the boundaries are fluid. There are image films that focus on a product but at the same time contribute to the image of the company. The same applies to videos that are intended to attract applicants.

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