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The benefits of Studying in the UK for Middle Eastern students

By Abdulrahman Al-mana


Many nations wish to follow the UK’s education method, as its quality is taken into account because the best in the world.Opportunities submitted by the United Kingdom Education System. A wide choice in choosing your field of study and institution.My name is Abdulrahman Al-mana from Qatar and studying abroad in the UK.Studying abroad has many advantages and benefits that I experienced during my studies in the UKthat I will share in this article.


There are many reasons why the UK is one of the top quality Education for example :

  • The shorter duration of courses within the UK benefits reduces cost and accommodation payments.
  • The English language provider to assist you to promote great language skills, which have critical importance within the global digital arena and enhance one’s chances of employment
  • Developing close student-teacher cooperation with a provision of mixing different subjects into one course
  • Strong Research Infrastructure: 30% of UK university research is assessed as ‘world-leading’ and 46% as “internationally unique”



  • Support System

Annually, the United Kingdom government kindly welcomes international students with open arms. International student societies, besides creating parties, conducting events, planning activities, and outings, support within the rough days also by giving advice on personal problems and assisting you like you slot in.

  • UK Student Visa

It is really easy to get and therefore the process is easier, more transparent, and user-friendly for international students who have accepted an offer/CAS and are set to show the specified funding available.


Difficulties facing Middle Eastern students in The UK


  • Housing:

Wherever you live will have a huge influence on your experience and experiment when you study abroad. Finding suitable housing in Britain is not an easy matter, especially in cities where the most important universities are there and also the majority of the population is concentrated inside them. These things make obtaining student housing somewhat difficult and also save its cost, which is considered high.


  • Longer traveling period

Studying outside surely requires longer traveling times, possibly with connecting flights or stopovers. An exhausting and time-consuming journey can become something you dread and risk.

  • Higher risk

If you’re unlucky adequate to dislike your course, or if you come up with some personal concerns and wish to return home early, you’ll have wasted plenty longer, effort and money than if you had wanted to study at home.


Double-edged sword things in studying in the UK

  • Financial aspect

The UK universities submit merit-based scholarship programs and funding chances to international students to maintain their studies and therefore the cost of living. To join, you’ll get to first gain agreement to the course of study. But it’s usually the case that tuition fees are high for international students who don’t have scholarship programs. Additionally, you’ll not be entitled to similar student loans that you simply would take back at home. Plus, you’ll require factoring in significant moving costs once you prefer to study abroad.

  • Unique Culture

The cultural difference of living in the UK provides you the opportunity and experience a multicultural environment meet fellow international students and promote a series of useful skills that are important to be part of today’s global workforce. Language and cultural barriers during studying abroad are a unique opportunity to learn a new language. On the other hand, you might originally have some problems with language barriers. This is mainly likely at the beginning when you demand to arrange things such as accommodation and a bank account. It is too probable that you can come up facing cultural boundaries to do with religion, gender roles, or communication diversity and you will find yourself in a different society and culture, people behave differently, the lifestyle is different, and the food is not the same as what you used to be in your home country. There is an appropriation that studying outside could also change the habit and attitudes of students when they go back to their homeland. And some students forgot their customs and adopt western culture which is not suitable for their original culture.

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