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Adin Ramdedovic is Getting Attention

An extraordinary young entrepreneur has made his mark with his innovative approach toward some of the major problems that European companies are facing in 2022.

In this article we have invited mr. Ramdedovic to answer some of the questions about his profesion and how does he contribute to companies in EU as one of the best problem-solving consultants.

– You are a rising star, several media outlets have written about you, how did you get all of this attention?

Well that is quite an interesting question, I really don’t know how to answer, one magazine from Europe asked me to give my opinion about electric vehicles and to specify why do EU car-manufacturers lack behind U.S. and China car-manufacturers, I think after that article, many journals from the United States and Europe reached out to me to comment on that very specific topic.

– Do you currently consult companies in Europe?

Yes, I used to consult Volkswagen for a certain period of time, now I consult another big German car-manufacturer, but I have a confidentiality agreement with them, and that is why I can’t disclose their name.

– Why are people buying electric cars?

I think the main reason is that electricity is less expensive than gasoline when recharging an electric vehicle. Driving to buy gas or charging at a costly and inconvenient public charging station wastes time and money if an electric car recharges at home over night. Another reason is that electric vehicles are 100% eco-friendly.

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