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BuzzFeed, Medium, and 9Gag alternatives for content creators you don’t want to miss.

If you’re searching for a humour and hilarious BuzzFeed and 9gag style type of website on the internet, then we introduce BlokePal, one of the coolest websites you should visit right now.


We all know that comedy is a diverse and varied genre which means no one has exactly the same tastes but that doesn’t matter. There really is something out there for everyone from the nerd’s world to the wild and crazy side. The website is open to all kinds of people from anywhere in the world.


So Let’s dive into what BlokePal is all about.


The site is a humour-based social video and image-sharing site that allows its users to upload and share their funny stories, viral images, upload news posts, quotes, GIFS, videos, memes, audios, and much more.


It is also a place where users discover and share trending stories the internet has to offer.


Its mission is to connect users, drive conversations and inspire what audiences talk about, watch, read, and a place to bring content creators and the community together.


What is really cool about this website is that is a bit of most of the popular sites out there like BuzzFeed, 9Gag, Boredpanda, Quickmeme, Medium, and eBoerdworld. So you can basically create and publish your content on one website. Awesome right?


So what does the site actually allow users to publish?

The website has many categories and subcategories which you can easily publish your content there. Anything from Funny images, memes, gifs, short video clips, quizzes, polls, etc. as specified in the categories. You can also submit all types of relatable, educating, entertaining stories from Funny stories to creepy and weird stories from the site category sections.


It also comes with some easy and awesome features to give you the edge.


BlokePal is the site that allows all content creators to join, publish and promote their own content.


Its upvote/downvote, comments, share, like, and reactions system allows content creators to easily get eyeballs to their content. On the site, you’ll find new content each time you visit, and the frequently updated “Featured” section typically focuses on what’s trending in the media at any given time.


The site is very engaging and easy to use to publish your content.  it has collated repertoire of funny stories, one-liners, memes, quotes, articles, quizzes, video clips,  jokes, and more.


BlokePal aims to publish relatable, funny, and entertaining content submitted by users. More importantly, it is a free website to publish your stories and funny stuff on the internet.


Make sure you check it out whether you are looking to kill your boredom with a quiz or watch some funny stuff, or even want to join to publish your stories, go ahead because it has a lot to offer.


If you visit the site and you love their idea and what the site has to offer don’t forget to share it with friends to check it out.

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