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Greeks hold relaxed progress harmful uprising wedding anniversary

Some 20,000 individuals marched in harmony with Athens on Wednesday to note the wedding anniversary of a bloody anti-dictatorship uprising in 1973, cops stated.

Greater than 5,000 cops were released to maintain order, as physical violence entailing anarchist demonstrators has actually typically tainted the yearly march to the united state Consular office. The occasion went on in spite of limitations connected to the pandemic, and also the majority of the marchers put on masks.

After the march, small clashes briefly burst out in one more component of community when some young people tossed rocks at cops and also established fire to dumpsters.

A comparable presentation was kept in Greece’s second-largest city of Thessaloniki, with regarding 14,000 individuals. The march finished in harmony, however later on young people tossed fuel bombs at cops that reacted with tear gas and also a water cannon. No injuries were reported, and also cops stated at the very least 20 thought rioters were apprehended.

In 1973, student-led pro-democracy objections at the Athens Polytechnic were squashed by cops and also soldiers sent out by the armed forces program. Policemans opened up fire on unarmed demonstrators and also onlookers near the Polytechnic, and also a military storage tank shattered in evictions of the college complicated behind which numerous pupils were collected.

At the very least 20 are believed to have actually been eliminated, though the accurate casualty of the November 1973 occasions stays unidentified.

Yet the uprising was adhered to by a putsch within the armed forces program judgment Greece considering that 1967, which brought much more hardline police officers right into power.

Freedom was recovered just in July 1974, after the tyranny fell down when faced with a Turkish intrusion of Cyprus– prompted by the junta’s very own machinations intending to join the island, whose bulk is Greek-speaking, with Greece.

Primarily left-wing demonstrators have actually marched to the united state Consular office yearly considering that 1974 since Washington was viewed as helpful of Greece’s reactionary armed forces program.

In a tweet Wednesday, Greek Head Of State Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated the uprising strengthened the nation’s “day-to-day dedication to a safe freedom.”

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