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Millionaire bankers in UK migrated to EU just before Brexit, says new report

Brexit resulted in the movement of high-earning lenders to the continent in 2019, a record by the European Financial Authority exposed on Wednesday.

The EBA defines high income earners as specialist lenders helping European Union financial institutions gaining a repaired or variable yearly pay of greater than one million euros.

According to the record, 71% of the complete variety of high income earners in all of EU were found in the UK before the nation’s leave from the union. This totaled up to 3,519 people.

Nevertheless, “as component of Brexit prep work,” according to the EBA, nations “throughout the EU signed up a small rise in the variety of high income earners, especially Germany, France, as well as Italy.”

This rise was partially as a result of the 2.63% of the people in the UK selecting to relocate to the continent.

Apart From the Brexit variable, the increase in the variety of high income earners was because of “the general great monetary outcomes, especially in company financial, as well as the continuous restructuring as well as combinations.”

The record kept in mind that in 2019, prior to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the variety of lenders gaining greater than a million euros enhanced by 17% in Italy, 15% in France as well as 9% in Germany.

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