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Peterhof Palace celebrates 300 years of its spectacular fountains

The water fountains at Peterhof Royal residence on the borders of St. Petersburg, Russia bring in site visitors from throughout the globe with their sensational water screens.

The Grand Waterfall and also Samson water fountains started operating 13th July 1721 and also on their 300th wedding anniversary we have a look at what makes them so unique.

Where is Peterhof Royal residence?

Peterhof Royal residence was developed by Peter the Great throughout the 18th Century and also is frequently referred to as the Russian Versailles. It’s positioned in Petergof, a community on the side of St. Petersburg, Russia.

The royal residence has 414 hectares of stretching parks and also yards which are house to over 150 water fountains.

The Grand Waterfall is one of the most well-known location in the premises, ranging from the north exterior of the Grand Royal Residence to the Marine Canal.

Its opulent uniqueness consists of 255 sculptures and also 64 water fountains with 138 water jets skyrocketing skyward. The major emphasis of the whole make-up is a famous sculpture that portrays the Scriptural scene of Samson tearing the lion’s mouth.

This spectacular display screen of water fountains has actually operated for 300 years and also still thrills site visitors today.

” The water fountains are outstanding, it’s past words exactly how they look,” claims traveler Natalia Buldina.

Exactly How do Peterhof Royal residence’s water fountains function?

Among the major identifying functions is that the water fountains – unlike those at Versailles – job without pumps. A group of water fountain masters is in charge of their procedure and also repair services.

” We do not have any kind of electrical systems or pumps which might do the job rather than us. We open up every little thing by hand. […] 10 individuals are associated with the day-to-day establishing and also closing of the water fountains,” discusses designer Alexander Korsakov.

The water fountain’s water originates from a system of pipes which channel water gathered from tornado and also rainfall overflows. This network of pipelines feeds the tourist attraction with as much as 1 cubic foot of water per min and also has actually developed a magnificent display screen given that the 18th century.

Peterhof Royal Residence, although not as well-known as St. Petersburg’s Hermitage, invites one of the most site visitors of all Russia’s galleries annually.

Enjoy the video clip over to read more regarding these amazing water fountains.


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